Air Conditioning in Walsall
and the West Midlands

Cost-effective car air conditioning repairs in Walsall and across the West Midlands


At James Price's Garage in Walsall we offer top-quality car air conditioning repairs at fantastic prices. Our garage is ideal for anyone based in the West Midlands.

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Breathing new life into your vehicle

Is your air conditioning no longer effective? Don't worry, we can help. From minor maintenance to major repairs, you can bank on us. Our trained technicians can identify and rectify leaks and replace filters in order to restore fresh, cool air. So, feel free to visit our garage.


We welcome customers from Walsall and anywhere across the West Midlands.


We can help you with

  • Refrigerant charging

  • Heater repairs

  • Fluid level checks

  • Cooling system service

  • Temperature sensor calibration

  • Re-gassing


Air Conditioning Prices

Air Conditioning FAQs

How long does it take to re-gas my car's air-con?

It usually takes around 45 minutes to complete a re-gas on your vehicle's air-conditioning system if it is fault-free.

Why isn't my air-conditioning working?

There's a list of reasons your car's air-con may not be working, but the most likely cause is that there is no gas in the system. Alternatively, there is a leak somewhere and the system needs checking over by a trained technician.

Can I re-charge my air-conditioning at home by myself?

No - a mandatory qualification is required by anyone wishing to service the air-conditioning on a car, this is because of the potential hazards involved with the refrigerant, which needs disposing of properly.

Don't settle for a hot, stuffy car

Whether you need us to replace a leaking AC condenser or repair cabin air filters, James Price's Garage is the name that you can trust. We also offer vehicle diagnostic services

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