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Broken Glow Plug

Glow Plug Removal specialists in Walsall and the West Midlands

James Price's Garage specialise in the removal and extraction of seized or broken glow plugs using specialist equipment and skills. 

glow plug removal

How do Glow Plugs Work?

Each cylinder will have its own glow plug, controlled by a glow plug relay (or by the vehicle's body computer module (BCM). When the ignition is initially switched on, a current is automatically sent to the relay to switch the glow plugs on.


When the plugs are going through this cycle, normally the dashboard will show the pre-heat plug warning, which looks like a coil of wire. Once the glow plugs have heated up, the light will extinguish. Ideally, the engine should only be started once this light has gone out to provide their maximum effect.

When to replace glow plugs:

  • Glow plug warning light flashing when the ignition is switched on.

  • Engine management warning light (EML) lit.

  • Struggling to start from cold

  • Excessive fuel consumption while the engine warms up.


Glow Plug Prices

Glow Plugs Fact

Glow plugs were originally used to assist with starting diesel engines in cold temperatures when the heavy oil used to coagulate. Now that diesel has many additives to prevent this, glow plugs have taken on the role of heating the incoming fuel / air mix to provide greater efficiency while the engine warms up. This also assists with decreasing the noise during cold running.

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