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Turn to James Price's Garage in Walsall for all your car servicing requirements. We welcome clients from across the West Midlands.

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Regular servicing can improve your vehicle's reliability. It also saves you money on repairs and a full service history helps with resale value. Everyone knows main dealer servicing can be costly, but with a service from James Price's Garage you'll get the same high quality and rigorous checks but often at a much more affordable cost.


We provide car servicing and repairs at reasonable prices, without compromising on quality. Our garage services can surely bring the lost glory of your car. So what are you waiting for? Bring in your vehicle today!


A service provides

  • Oil change

  • Cylinder heads

  • Fluid checks

  • Tuning checks

  • Tyres, brakes, lights and exhaust checks

  • Steering adjustments

  • Gearbox checks

  • Wheel alignment and suspension

  • Battery and electrics


Servicing Prices

Servicing FAQs

Why does my vehicle need a service?

Vehicle servicing is vital for the upkeep of your car, van or motorcycle, keeping it operating safely and efficiently at all times. From your brakes to your tyres, servicing checks the most vital components of your vehicle, ensuring that everything is running as it should and that it isn’t suffering from excessive wear and tear. But it’s not just for safety reasons that servicing is important: there is also the potential to save money. If your vehicle is not running at optimum capacity, it has to work harder to keep moving. For example, low tyre pressure means that more rubber is in contact with the road surface, forcing the engine to work harder. Similarly, older engine oil tends to cause greater friction within the engine, preventing it from running smoothly and again causing it to overcompensate.

How often should I service my car?

There is no set (or legal) answer to this question, but guidelines suggest that a full service be carried out on your vehicle at the mileage recommended by the manufacturer, or once every year. Interim services are available should your car not do the mileage to necessitate a full service (as per manufacturer guidelines). Essential elements, such as oil and filters, will need replacing as soon as they become worn or damaged, regardless of whether a service is due or not.

What's included in a service?

Whether you require a full or interim service will determine what work is carried out on your vehicle. Both include a number of checks, identifying any potential faults, as well as top ups and of the various oils and fluids involved in your car’s operation.

Will my warranty be voided if I don't go to a main dealer?

It is a popularly held belief that manufacturer warranties will be void for vehicles under three years old if they are taken to an independent garage for servicing. This is certainly not true (as outlined by the Block Exemption Regulation), so long as the garage uses approved parts and adheres to its service schedule.

What if my vehicle needs work doing that is not included in the service?

Should problems with your vehicle be identified during a service, you will be informed and no repair work will be carried out without your prior approval.

Quality Parts. Quality Repairs.

Is your vehicle still under a manufacturer's warranty? Don't worry; we can service your car using genuine parts, so it won't affect your warranty. Visit us to find out more about all our services.