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Electric Vehicle Repair in Walsall
and the West Midlands

Local Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Specialists in Walsall and across the West Midlands

James Price's Garage has all of the tooling and equipment to carry out any maintenance or repair work that your electric vehicle may require, as well as more in depth diagnostics.

person charging electric car
electric car repairs
Electric Car Battery

What kind of repairs do electric cars need?

Electric vehicles require less maintenance than petrol or diesel cars and are more reliable, so they won’t need as many repairs. That can help to keep the costs of running an electric car down.

But there are still parts which can go wrong. Most of the electric car breakdowns we see are caused by punctures or issues with the 12v battery.

With an electric car, you might also need to maintain or replace the cabin air filter (also known as a pollen filter), brake fluid or air conditioning.

An electric car needs to be serviced as often as any car. The service will include:

  • Tyre wear and tear & tyre pressure check

  • Windscreen wiper replacement

  • Brake fluid change

  • MOT but with no emissions test and with fewer parts to test, repairs could be minimal


Electric Car Battery Maintenance

Contrary to common belief, car batteries use different technology then mobiles or laptops. That, together with the EVs' battery management systems, ensures the batteries have a long life. 


Looking for the best Electric Car repair near me?

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