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Terraclean in Walsall
and the West Midlands

Engine carbon cleaning by specialists. Save money as well as significantly reduce emissions and protect the environment. Terraclean services also prolong the life of cars, engines, ignitions and exhaust systems, thus reducing maintenance costs.

All services below are provided using official TerraClean patented equipment. 


Reduce Emissions


Regain Performance


Restore MPG

Your search for an efficient engine decarbonisation service ends with James Price's Garage. Visit us today. We are based in Walsall.

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TerraClean service

TerraClean is a technology that not only improves your vehicle's efficiency but also reduces its emission, protecting the environment. This is a unique decarbonisation technology that can extend the life of components like DPF and catalytic converters.


Visit our garage today. We offer all TerraClean treatments. We welcome customers from Walsall and throughout the West Midlands.

What are the benefits?

  • Smoother running

  • Improved MPG (up to 16%)

  • More responsive acceleration

  • Cleaner emissions

  • Prolongs the life of your vehicle

  • You can save on costly repairs


More information about Terraclean


The process of TerraClean Decarbonisation is effectively a valet for all the internal parts of the engine and exhaust system. Unlike pour in fuel treatments, a Terraclean service involves patented technology operated by James, a trained automotive professional using highly refined chemicals. 


DPF Clean

As well as Terraclean, James Price’s Garage also offers a DPF clean suitable for vehicles with a DPF blocked with oil or ash. DPF’s block due to other problems, cleaning is not enough, you need the problem professionally identified and rectified, if not done correctly the unit will simply block again after cleaning. Find out more


GDi Induction Tool

James Price's Garage was one of the first Terraclean agents in the region to offer the GDi Induction Tool Service, a new addition to the popular Terraclean range. This two-part cleaning service uses a unique clean and rinse chemistry that quickly and effectively removes carbon deposits from intake valves and restores GDi engines to proper operating performance. 

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Terraclean Prices

Restoring your car's performance

TerraClean can restore your vehicle’s performance by removing carbon deposits from your engine. Visit our garage if you have any queries. Our prices are extremely competitive. We also offer general car repairs

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